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This blog is dedicated to Lucky, my sweet little girl who passed away in her sleep peacefully on 12-14-12. Lucky was a lemon beagle and came to us as a "rescue" when she was about 3-years old. While she was initially scared, the poor thing was all of 20-lbs (and for her size that was severely under weight) with lots of love and snacks she became the best friend a person could ever have - please give a rescue beagle a second change!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Canned Pumpkin for dog anal gland problems

The two health issues Lucky struggles with are her anal glands and itching.

The treatment the vet has Lucky on for her anal glands is not as effective as when the treatment was first started, so I went on-lint to research other possible natural solutions.

I came across canned pumpkin . . . I happened to have a can of pumpkin in my pantry (from the holidays) and gave her 1/2 cup in her raw food this morning . . . but remember the canned pumpkin MUST be 100% pumpkin and not pumpkin mix to make a pumpkin pie with . . .I'll keep you posted with her progress. I'm also going to add coconut oil to her food as well (My next post is about coconut oil).

I found this information on a Web site called: Earth Clinic, click here to visit the thread

While researching on-line, I also came across another product I'm thinking of trying:  PetAlive AnalGlandzThis product contains a blend of natural, cleansing ingredients in an herbal tincture and will effectively cleanse the anal area, reduce pain and swelling and assist in softening of hardened material to be expressed from the glands. When applied, the product helps express your dog's anal glands and also treats infected anal glands in dogs naturally.

I'm always looking for solutions of treating Lucky's anal glands, so if you have a solution, please share!

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